Backround of the invention of the dental air compressor

The present invention relates to apparatus for use in dental offices and the like, namely a single self-contained unit providing both the vacuum and compressed air needs of the dental office. Heretofore, compressors and vacuum suction pumps required by the dental practitioner were usually purchased separately and installed in some out of the way location such as a basement. Suitable utility lines then connected the dental compressors and vacuum pump to one or more dental operatories.
The vibration noise of the compressor was particularly a problem, requiring that the compressor be installed outside of the dental laboratory. Vibration noises of the vacuum pump, particularly of the water ring pump, are minimal, but the floor space requirements of separate compressor and vacuum pump apparatus dictated the necessity of installing these components outside of the confines of the dental laboratory, where floor space is at a premium.
A secondary problem with respect to the dental air compressors generally is the difficulty in adjusting the tension of the drive belts connecting the drive motor to the compressor.
The present invention overcomes the disadvantages of the prior art by combining a water ring vacuum pump, an oil free air compressor and a compressed air storage tank in a single cabinet, which occupies a minimum of floor space. To economize on floor space, the vacuum pump, compressor drive motor, and dental chairs are all arranged one above the other in the cabinet.