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Pressure ratio modulation for a two stage oil free compressor assembly

A two-stage oil free compressor assembly includes a pressure modulation mechanism, which enhances the ambient temperature and altitude capability of the compressor.

Modular dental chair equipment mounting system

A dental compressor system for reconfigurably adapting a dental chair for use, including, e.g., use from the right side or left side, use by right-handed or left-handed practitioners and use in various dentistry practice styles, may include a link arm, a primary arm and a secondary arm.

Hanger arm mechanism in dental lighting equipment

A hanger arm mechanism to hold a dental shadowless lamp head vertically rotatably in dental lighting equipment is directed to a mechanism designed to rotate the lamp head around the axis shaftline of the hanger arm and to stop the same in a desired position, with the result that the field of lighting of the led shadowless lamp

Dental post system

The restoration of a diseased or damaged tooth is carried out by decoronating the tooth leaving the root canal exposed. Thendental compressor is reamed, cleaned, irrigated, and obturated. Dental air compressors manufacturers is then rereamed to a predetermined size leaving the apical portions filled with obturatory material and treated with a dentinal bonding agent.

Self contained dental chair with integrated compressor

The invention provides an exemplary modular dental chair system and methods for its use. In one embodiment, a dental compressor, vacuum pump, water reservoir, waste container and associated fittings, wiring, and plumbing are integrated into a dental chair.

Hydraulic drive portable air compressor system

A portable high capacity dental air compressor system comprises an air compressor with a hydraulic motor coupled thereto to form a compact dental suction unit, and a removable air reservoir which is releasably attached to the compressor unit.

Oil free air compressor

A dental air compressor utilizing one or more pistons reciprocating within water cooled cylinders and operating in an oil free environment. Each piston is reciprocated by rotation of motor driven, balanced rotors, through a reciprocating and oscillating shuttle member. A centrally sleeved, hollow ball, accommodates shuttle member movement, while interconnecting the shuttle member and the rotors.

Wobble piston and seal assembly for oil free compressor

The present invention is directed to a wobble piston and seal assembly for an oil free air compressor. An upwardly directed curvature is provided on a piston surface which supports the seal. The curvature is located adjacent the perimeter of the surface to impart a slight dish shape to the surface.

Two stage oil free air compressor

A two stage reciprocating piston oil free air compressor having an improved service interval. In a first stage, a first wobble piston is reciprocated in a first cylinder to compress ambient air to an intermediate pressure. In a second stage a second wobble piston is reciprocated in a second cylinder to compress the intermediate pressure air to a desired high pressure.

Dental treatment system

A dental compressor system of treating teeth or associated tooth structure using an abrasive-laden fluid stream provides fluid at high pressure to a manifold with selectively operable valves to deliver fluid at a selected pressure to a mixer for the fluid and abrasive and delivery to a device for application to a patient's mouth. Priming air at low pressure pressurizes the


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